Risks to Integrity in Public Procurement

The Anti-Fraud Office has carried out a qualitative study of public procurement in Catalonia, as part of the project "Risks to Integrity in Public Procurement". The aim was, on the one hand, to make a detailed diagnosis of this area of risk and, on the other hand, to provide knowledge on the management of the risks of fraud, irregularity and corruption in public procurement and also the resources to work on it preventively, from public institutions.

The results of this study are published between 2018 and 2020 in:

  1. 8 technical documents (Working Documents), addressed to those who, directly or indirectly, participate in procurement procedures,
  2. an interactive guide to facilitate the analysis of the institutional risks themselves, as well as
  3. tools and resources to carry out preventive work in this specific area of public management.

The final report is also published, which is a synthesis of the results of the analysis described above. With this, the Anti-Fraud Office facilitates the reading of a cartography of the risks of fraud, irregularities and corruption inherent in public procurement, as well as those institutional factors that generate, enhance or facilitate their perpetuation, which must be done prevention.

Riesgos para la integridad en la contratación pública: Informe final (Risks to integrity in public procurement. Final report)

Riscos per a la integritat en la contractació pública. Informe final

Riesgos para la integridad en la contratación pública: Informe final (Risks to integrity in public procurement. Final report) (in Catalan)


In the near future, the Anti-Fraud Office will propose specific preventive recommendations to address the identified risk factors, aimed at public authorities and contracting bodies.

The Risks to Integrity in Public Procurement project came into being as a result of the working guidelines that the director of the Anti-Fraud Office submitted to the Parliament of Catalonia in December 2016. The priorities included drawing up a monographic report that analyses the risks in public procurement.

There are two main phases in this project. The Anti-Fraud Office is now engaged in the first phase and is performing the detection and analysis tasks, which will culminate in a diagnosis of the main risks in procurement in the public sector in Catalonia. During the second phase, the Anti-Fraud Office will take the results that emerge from the first phase and, using its legal powers to do so, will formulate proposals for the public authorities that will facilitate preventive work, as well as recommendations and tools to improve the management of these risks by the institutions.

Now, as part of the first phase, we are addressing public employees responsible for making, managing or overseeing procurement through the publications in the Documents de treball (Working Documents) series, the ultimate goal being to draw them into the debate and to enhance this diagnosis.

Phases project Risks to Integrity in Public Procurement