We are an independent institution whose goal is to preserve the transparency and integrity of public sector administrations and employees in Catalonia. The priority goal of the Anti-Fraud Office is to prevent and investigate possible cases of fraudulent use or allocation of public funds. This aim encompasses any other irregular appropriation deriving from conduct involving conflict of interest or the use for private gain of information arising out of the functions inherent to the work of public sector personnel.

Oversight of our activity corresponds to the Parliament of Catalonia, to which we are accountable. Reporting to the body that represents the sovereignty of all Catalans legitimates our work and guarantees its independence.

Anyone can approach the Anti-Fraud Office to report actions or activities that could be considered to constitute corruption or fraudulent or illegal conduct contrary to the general interest in the territorial area of Catalonia.

The public sector of Catalonia:

  • The Administration of the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat), its bodies, attached entities and dependent public companies.
  • Local entities: town and city councils, provincial councils, county (comarcal) councils, metropolitan authorities, associations of municipalities, consortiums and all other entities and bodies that make up the local Administration.
  • The Parliament of Catalonia, as regards administrative activity and asset management.
  • Statutory entities and independent authorities.
  • Public universities and their instrumental bodies.
  • Public companies.
  • Consortiums.
  • Public or private foundations in which public bodies participate.
  • Other instrumental entities in public or private law, linked to or dependent upon Catalan Administrations.

Private companies and entities and the natural persons who manage public services, execute public works or receive subsidies.

In writing, giving a detailed description of the facts, which can be presented directly at the Office, or sent by email or through administrative channels. You can also make a completely anonymous complaint through the Anonymous Whistleblower Mailbox.

Article 16.4 of Law 14/2008 of November 5th, on the Anti-Fraud Office of Catalonia, establishes the duty of authorities and directors or heads of public entities or bodies to immediately inform the Anti-Fraud Office of any “facts they detect that might be considered to constitute corruption or fraudulent or illegal conduct contrary to the general interest”.

Anyone who complains of or reports suspected corrupt practices can obtain written commitment that their identity will not be revealed, in which case the Office will keep their details secret.

The Anti-Fraud Office of Catalonia guarantees the complainant’s confidentiality, or their anonymity through the Anonymous Whistleblower Mailbox, the electronic channel which enables completely anonymous complaints to be presented, and safe and secure communication to be maintained with the Office.

The Anti-Fraud Office of Catalonia is committed to providing assistance and advice to anyone making a complaint or report in good faith. Should this person at any time be the object of any form of reprisal as a consequence of having done so they can inform the Anti-Fraud Office, which will promote or exercise corrective or restorative actions before the competent authorities and will also place the events on record in the annual report it presents to the Parliament of Catalonia.

The Anti-Fraud Office immediately informs the person individually implicated in a case which is the subject of investigation, and offers this person the opportunity to place their views on record.

If an investigation personally affects a senior manager, civil servant, director or employee, the Anti-Fraud Office informs the person in charge of the institution, body or entity for which that person works or for which they provide services.

Anti-Fraud cannot, under any circumstances, impose sanctions. If its investigations reveal evidence of an offence, such evidence must be passed to the Public Prosecutor’s Office or judicial authority. If the infringement is administrative the Office can propose application of a disciplinary action. It can also make recommendations for improvements to avoid the risks of irregular conduct.

Public administrations, their employees and senior managers are obliged by law to assist the Anti-Fraud Office and provide it with any information it requires.

In addition to the liabilities, which may be criminal, that derive from unjustified non-compliance with the duty of collaboration, such lack of cooperation will be expressly noted in a corresponding extraordinary report or in the annual report, as applicable, that is sent to the Catalan Parliament.