Information request

You can send us your request for information addressed to the General Registry at or using the following

Application form

You should include the following details:

  • Identity of the person requesting the information (name and surname(s))
  • DNI or NIE or passport number
  • Clear, concise description of the information requested
  • Contact address, preferably e-mail, to where the information should be sent
  • Purpose of the request or explanation of the reason(s) why you are asking for the information, so they can be taken into account when offering a response. Not giving a reason will under no circumstance mean refusal of the request

Access is free and the reply should be provided in no more than one month, extendible by a further month when so required by the volume or complexity of the information requested.

Requests for access to information to the Anti-Fraud Office

It should be pointed out that replies to information requests that are not published have been duly accepted, studied and answered within the deadline period with a communication substituting the request resolution, in accordance with Article 34.8 of Catalan Law 19/2014, of 29 December, on transparency, access to public information and good governance.

You can consult all the resolutions of the requests for access to information in our electronic headquarters:

Electronic headquarters