Working Documents

Formulating effective and workable proposals and recommendations requires a rigorous, accurate and comprehensive diagnosis of risks. For this reason, the Anti-Fraud Office is approaching the various public servants involved either directly or indirectly in public procurement to share and discuss with them its preliminary conclusions. The comments and contributions made will help to complete and improve the diagnosis and make it more accurate.

The results obtained in the diagnosis phase will be presented through these Documentos de trabajo (Working Documents).

Working Documents 1 | Risks to Integrity in Public Procurement: Presentation of the Project
Working dRisks to integrity in public procurement. Presentation of the projectocuments 1 Presentation of the project, coinciding with the coming into force of Law 9/2017 on public sector contracts, enacted on 8 November 2017.



Working Documents 2 | The Aim of the Prevention Demanded of Contracting Authorities

The aim of the prevention demanded of contracting authorities

Specification of what the aim of prevention must be following approval of Law 9/2017 on public sector contracts, enacted on 8 November 2017.

WD02 Layout

Diagram of Working Documents 2



Working Documents 3 | Identification of the Risks to Integrity in Procurement

Identification of the Risks to Integrity in Procurement

We welcome your comments and contributions, which can be submitted by email to or anonymously, if you prefer, using the following form (in Catalan).



Documentos de trabajo 4 | Análisis de los riesgos para la integridad en la contratación (Analysis of the risks for the integrity in public procurement) (in Spanish)

DT04 Analysis of the risks for the integrity in public procurement

Factors and effects of risks and maps to facilitate analysis



Documentos de trabajo 5 | El factor humano (The human factor) (in Spanish)

DT05 The human factor

Motivations to transgress and personal risk factors.

DT05 Diagram

Diagram of Working Documents 5 (in Spanish)


Documentos de trabajo 6 | Los factores organitzativos (The organizational factors) (in Spanish)

Documentos de trabajo núm. 6 Los factores organitzativos

Incentives and risk opportunities derived from the internal functioning of each institution.


Documentos de trabajo 7 | Los factores procedimentales (The procedural factors) (in Catalan)


Documentos de trabajo núm. 7 Los factores procedimentales

Incentives and risk opportunities during the work process in a procurement record.


Upcoming Working Documents

Documentos de trabajo 8 | Análisis de los factores institucionales que potencian aquellos riesgos o que contribuyen a perpetuarlos una vez se producen prácticas irregulares, fraudulentas o corruptas en una institución (Analysis of the institutional factors that enhance those risks or that contribute to perpetuating them once irregular, fraudulent or corrupt practices occur in an institution)