Training and advice of public servants

The aim of raising awareness about conflicts of interest is for professionals at the service of public institutions:

  • Identify that all people have particular interests, internal or external to the professional role, that may interfere or influence our professional judgment.

  • Reflect on those professional situations in which these conflicts of interest can occur and on the harmful consequences they may have for them, for the recipients of their professional judgment and for the organizations or professional groups to which they belong.

Training, on the other hand, aims to ensure that employees and public officials:

  • Know the standards of professional conduct that are expected in these situations (marked by current regulations but also by the organizations for which they work, by the deontological codes of the professional groups to which they belong, etc.).

  • Have tools to identify the most appropriate management of this conflict in case of lack of clear standards or norms.

Finally, advice is the way by which institutions can receive doubts from public servants about their particular situations, help them identify if they are situations of conflicts of interest and, if they are, guide them on how they should manage.