Risks to Integrity in Public Procurement

The Risks to Integrity in Public Procurement project came into being as a result of the working guidelines that the director of the Anti-Fraud Office submitted to the Parliament of Catalonia in December 2016. The priorities included drawing up a monographic report that analyses the risks in public procurement.

There are two main phases in this project. The Anti-Fraud Office is now engaged in the first phase and is performing the detection and analysis tasks, which will culminate in a diagnosis of the main risks in procurement in the public sector in Catalonia. During the second phase, the Anti-Fraud Office will take the results that emerge from the first phase and, using its legal powers to do so, will formulate proposals for the public authorities that will facilitate preventive work, as well as recommendations and tools to improve the management of these risks by the institutions.

Now, as part of the first phase, we are addressing public employees responsible for making, managing or overseeing procurement through the publications in the Documents de treball (Working Documents) series, the ultimate goal being to draw them into the debate and to enhance this diagnosis.

Phases project Risks to Integrity in Public Procurement