And as for whistleblowers, to which does the Directive be applied?

The Directive applies to reporting persons who work in the private or public sector and who have had knowledge of information about breaches in a work context.

The Directive also applies to those who communicate or disclose information obtained within the framework of an already terminated employment relationship and to persons the employment relationship from which it has not yet begun, in cases where information regarding the breaches has been obtained during the process pre-contractual selection or negotiation.

The protection measures for the reporting person provided by the Directive will also be applied, where appropriate, to the facilitators (who are those who assist the reporting person in the complaint procedure in a work context), to third parties related to the alerter and who may suffer reprisals in a work context, such as co-workers or family members, and to the legal entities that are owned by the alerting person, for whom they work or with whom they maintain any other type of relationship in a work context.

Article 4 of the Directive