Investigation procedure

The Anti-Fraud Office acts ex-officio on its own initiative, or as the result of a complaint, or by virtue of a reasoned request from a public institution or authority. After verifying reliability of the circumstance, among other actions it can undertake the following:

  • Make inspection visits, without prior warning, to any office or centre attached to a public service to make in situ checks and examine documents on any type of support.
  • Conduct personal interviews with anyone who may provide information relevant to the investigation, or with those people who, as the actions unfold, may become implicated in the matter under investigation.
  • Access any information in the possession of public bodies or agencies and public or private natural or legal persons affected by the investigation proceedings.

Investigations are governed by the criteria of celerity, economy, simplicity, efficiency and maximum discretion.


Diagram of the phase of analysis and of the phase of research