Anti-fraud tools

The Anti-Fraud Office of Catalonia has developed, over the last few years, different tools that may be useful to you. These tools, which can also be found in the Guide to drawing up an ‘Anti-Fraud Measures Plan’, are:

  • Guidelines for drafting an institutional statement: a document that includes different recommendations that must be taken into account when preparing the institutional declaration of integrity, as well as a list of contents that can be included so that it is effective in demonstrating commitment and responsibility.
  • Guidelines for setting up an integrity risk assessment technical team: a document that includes a series of recommendations that must be taken into account when determining the technical team that will have to carry out the identification, analysis and evaluation of risks of corruption and fraud in the organization.
  • Risk management process: an online tool that allows you to visualize the five-phase cycle to identify, analyze, evaluate, treat, and track the risks of corruption and fraud. As you navigate through each phase, the applicable work instructions and tools are discovered.
  • Risk map and catalog of risk factors in public procurement: an online tool that facilitates the analysis and assessment of risks in a key area such as public procurement. It serves as a model applicable to other areas of administrative action that can be activated with the management of Next Generation EU funds (grants, access to public employment ...).
  • Catalog of tools for managing conflicts of interest: a set of eight preventive tools (detection and management) and four contingent tools (guarantee), which institutions must articulate to properly manage situations of conflict of interest. In addition, it helps to clarify key concepts in the field.
  • Internal complaint channel. Reflections on the implementation of internal complaint channels in public bodies: regulatory requirements: publication with recommendations that guide and resolve doubts when implementing a complaints channel that complies with the standards set out in the European Directive on the protection of whistleblowers. Many ‘anti-fraud measures plans’ will have to provide for these channels between their fraud and corruption detection measures.